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Kibbie Varieties


 Lamb Kibbie: Lamb, bulgur wheat & Tanoreen spiced shell, stuffed with ground lamb, toasted pine nuts, almonds, & caramelized onions.


Fish Kibbie: Finely ground fish, bulgur wheat & Tanoreen spiced shell, stuffed with fish, caramelized onions & roasted almonds.


Vegetarian Kibbie: Pumpkin, bulgur wheat & Tanoreen spiced shell, stuffed with fresh spinach, pomegranate molasses, chickpeas & roasted walnuts.


Schwarma Sliders: Mini pita stuffed with marinated fillet mignon Schwarma, parsley & tahini


Sambosek: Turnovers stuffed with your choice of delicately seasoned lamb or saffron-tamarind scented vegetables, with Tanoreen signature basil dip. Choose lamb or veg.


Falafel: Served with the traditional Harisa chili & tahini sauce, sliced vegetables, pickles & pita.


Cigars: thin cigars stuffed with home-made cheese (parsley-turmeric-mastic) or Musakhan (roast chicken, caramelized onion & sumac). Tahini-Red Pepper-Pomegranate dip. Choose chicken OR Cheese


Crispy Halloumi: Fried halloumi cheese, kalamata olives, & mint.


Mini Pies:


         tomato & feta cheese

         red pepper & onion

         meat & pine nuts

         chicken & caramelized onions 


Chicken Fingers: Marinated, breaded & fried chicken tenders.


Stuffed Mushrooms: Whole button mushrooms stuffed with assorted cheeses, garlic, olive oil & herbs.






Hummus: Puréed chickpeas - lemon - garlic - olive oil – tahini.


Tahini-Free Hummus: Puréed chickpeas - garlic - lemon - olive oil.


Baba Ghanouge: Puréed roasted eggplant - garlic - lemon - olive oil – tahini.


Mhammara: Red bell pepper- walnuts - pomegranate molasses - Tanoreen spices.


Mtabal: Grilled eggplant - red & green bell peppers - onion - garlic - olive oil – lemon.


Turkish Salad: spicy tomato, red pepper spread - cucumber - red onion (delicious with grilled entrees).


Olive Spread: Black olives - olive oil - thyme – lemon.


Labaneh: Lemony yogurt spread – mint.




Fattoush: Lettuce - tomato - cucumber - toasted pita chips - mint & sumac, lemon dressing.

(Can be topped with feta cheese &/or grilled chicken)


Tabouleh: Fresh chopped parsley - bulgur wheat - tomato - mint - lemon dressing.


Mixed Green Salad: Baby arugula - kale - spinach - tomato - walnuts - olives - fried halloumi cheese - sesame vinaigrette.


Cauliflower Salad: Fried cauliflower drizzled with tahini & pomegranate molasses - fresh parsley.


Beet Salad: Beets - mint - walnuts - almonds - basil dressing.


Lentil Salad: Lentils - fresh fennel, cilantro, shallots, carrots, parsley, tomato, olive oil & lemon juice. 


Eggplant Salad: Fried eggplant - fresh tomato - garlic - lemon dressing.


Potato Salad: Potatoes - parsley – house-cured green & black olives.


Tomato: The traditional tomato - cucumber - mint - onion (great with grilled entrees).




Brussels Sprouts: Crispy Brussels Sprouts - tahini-pomegranate sauce - panko breadcrumb crunch.


Vegetarian Grape Leaves:  Grape leaves rolled with rice, tomato, & parsley, simmered in lemon sauce.


Vegetarian Cabbage Leaves: Cabbage leaves rolled with bulgur wheat & parsley, simmered in spicy garlic - harisa sauce.


Meat Grape Leaves: Grape leaves rolled with rice & spiced lamb. 


Zaatar Roll: Homemade dough wrapped around fresh green zaatar (thyme), halloumi cheese & sumac.


Eggplant Pate: Thin slices of eggplant topped with spicy tomato-jalapeño salad.


Sujok: Sliced Armenian dried beef sautéed with red pepper & garlic.


Makdous: Baby eggplant stuffed with walnuts & red pepper & preserved in extra virgin olive oil.


Musaka: Vegetarian stew of eggplant - caramelized onions - tomatoes - Tanoreen spices.


Frekeh pilaf: Smoked wheat berries - slow cooked chicken &/or lamb - roasted almonds - Tanoreen spices.




Maklobeh: A very traditional dish! Rice, meat & cauliflower cooked with onions & garlic, OR vegetarian (carrots, eggplant, fava beans, peas etc.) cooked - pressed - flipped “upside down.” (15-20 persons or more)


Hashwi: A traditional Middle Eastern dish of rice cooked with lamb & aromatic Middle Eastern spices. Served as a side dish or as an entree topped with shredded roasted chicken.


Kafta fingers: Finely ground lamb, onions & tomatoes combined with Tanoreen spices, stewed with potatoes in fresh tomato OR tahini sauce


Kibbie: Finely ground lamb & bulgur wheat layered with chopped lamb, pine nuts, & Tanoreen spices, baked in a tray.


Squash Yogurt: Baby squash stuffed with ground lamb, nuts, & Tanoreen spices, stewed in homemade yogurt-mint sauce.


Squash Tomato: Baby squash stuffed with ground lamb & rice & then stewed in fresh tomato sauce.


Stuffed Cabbage: Cabbage leaves wrapped around rice & chopped lamb & stewed in lemon-garlic broth.


Squash & Grape Leaves Combo: A combination of stuffed grape leaves & baby squash, both stuffed with rice & lamb, simmered in lemon-garlic sauce.


Mansaf: Rice pilaf chunks of lamb, a homemade goat milk yogurt & toasted almonds.


Stuffed Artichoke Hearts: Fresh artichoke heart stuffed with chopped lamb, toasted nuts & Tanoreen spices.


Chicken OR Lamb Fetti: Toasted pita chips topped with Egyptian spiced rice, shredded chicken OR lamb & yogurt-tahini sauce.  Fresh parsley & roasted almonds garnish.


Beef Stew: A choice of - string beans - sweet peas - white beans or okra - stewed with fresh tomatoes, garlic & beef. With vermicelli rice pilaf.


Baby Eggplant: Baby eggplant stuffed with Tanoreen spiced chopped lamb & pine nuts & baked.


Kafta Roll: A Rawia twist on a classic! Kafta (lamb, fresh parsley & spices) stuffed with caramelized onion, sumac, & roasted almonds is baked & topped with Tanoreen’sspecial-made harisa - tahini sauce.


Sayadiyya: “The fisherman’s meal.” Rice sautéed with shredded tilapia, caramelized onion & Tanoreen spices, topped with fresh fish fillet.


Samake Harra: Fresh whole fish stuffed with walnuts, cilantro, peppers, garlic & lemon. (Variety depends on market availability)


Spicy Grouper: Grouper fillet baked on a bed of sliced potatoes & topped with a fiery harissa & garlic sauce.




Baked Mediterranean Eggplant: Thinly sliced eggplant layered with ground lamb, tomatoes, potatoes & Tanoreen spices, topped with toasted pine nuts. One of our most popular entrees at the restaurant!


Vegetarian Baked Mediterranean Eggplant: Layers of eggplant, squash, potato, tomato, caramelized onion & toasted nuts.


Mediterranean Grilled Chicken: Boneless chicken breast, basil pesto, sun dried tomatoes & mushrooms.


Chicken Rollatini: Marinated & breaded chicken cutlet rolled with a mixture of cheeses, basil, garlic, & herbs, then baked in fresh tomato sauce.


Sautéed Shrimp: Shrimp sautéed in garlic sauce.


Baked Salmon: Pesto-marinated salmon baked to Mediterranean precision with fresh artichoke hearts, garlic & tomato.




Kafta Kabob: Ground lamb meat - onions - parsley - Tanoreen spices


Chicken Kabob: Cubed chicken breast - lemon - olive oil - Tanoreen spices


Shish Kabob: Cubed leg of lamb - olive oil


Grilled Lamb Chops: House marinated lamb chops


Grilled Combo: A grilled combination platter that includes kafta kabob, chicken kabob & shish kabob


Super Grill: Our traditional grilled combo with grilled lamb chops & fillet mignon




Green Beans: Fresh green beans sautéed with coriander, garlic & toasted slivered almonds.


Spinach: Fresh spinach, sautéed with fresh garlic & olive oil.


Dandelion: Fresh dandelion sautéed in olive oil with caramelized onion.


Okra: Baby okra sautéed with garlic & fresh tomato.


Lentil Pilaf: Whole lentils, Egyptian rice, caramelized onions.


Shulbato: Bulgur wheat, fresh tomato, chickpeas & Tanoreen spices simmered into a delicious pilaf & topped with roasted vegetables.


Rice Pilaf: Egyptian rice simmered with vermicelli noodles.


Yogurt Sauce: House-made yogurt with diced cucumbers, garlic & mint.


Broccoli: Sautéed with garlic & lemon.


Kale: Sautéed with olive oil & caramelized onion.


Orzo: Orzo, artichoke hearts, sundried tomato, fresh basil.


Vegetables according to market & seasonal availability




Knafeh: Shredded fillo dough stuffed with two kinds of cheese & baked in the oven until golden brown & soaked in a spice infused, orange blossom simple syrup.


Knafeh Special: A twist on the classic. Shredded dough stuffed with walnuts, raisins, & sweet spices.


Baklava: Layers of fillo dough, stuffed with ground nuts & sweet spices, drizzled with syrup.


Harissa: Fresh baked semolina coconut cake soaked in syrup & topped with toasted almonds.


Macaroni Cookie: Dairy-free cookie made of flour, olive oil & anise seeds. (can be dipped in chocolate).


Date Roll: Homemade farina dough rolled around fresh dates combines with sweet spices.


Orshaleh: Middle Eastern biscotti. Twice baked cookie with walnuts.


Stuffed Dates: Fresh dates stuffed with walnuts & cooked in cinnamon-clove simple syrup.

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